Restarting DesignBais

Pear Tree
2016-11-10 15:47

Restarting the DesignBais Service


            DesignBais is the service that RV Dealership runs on. It is an application Peartree uses to develop the RV Dealership software. DesignBais is always running when RV Dealership is running.


Occasionally, your server may restart due to a power failure or manual shut down. If this happens, you will need to restart the DesignBais service in order to use the software.



If you receive an error message informing you that The page cannot be found when logging in to the RV Dealership software, DesignBais is not running.


(The error message you will get will look similar to the screen on the right. The URL [Web address] will end in thispagemisses.asp.)


In this case, follow these instructions to restart the DesignBais service.


Close the Internet Explorer window.







Reopen the RV software.


You will be prompted for a username and password, just as you would be if you were logging in to use the system.


In the User name: field, enter designbais. In the Password: field, enter {designbais}. (The { and } characters can be found on your keyboard just to the right of the P key.) Do not check off Remember my password.







A screen similar to this one will appear. There will be a link at the bottom that says Click here to start the service. Click on this link now.




















When this page appears, DesignBais is running.


Close this Internet Explorer window and open Internet Explorer again. You can now log back in to the RV Dealership software. If everything looks normal, you are ready to go!


If it does not, contact Peartree Software for further assistance.








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