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2016-11-10 15:47


When contacting our office, please be prepared to provide the following information:

1.     Your name, the company's name, phone number, extension number, and email address

2.     Screen shot and/or a detailed explanation of the issue, including what menu selections were used to get to the source of the problem

3.     The priority of the request (high, medium, low, urgent, no rush, etc.)

4.     Any other related information that will assist us in resolving the issue in a timely manner

Before Calling:

It is helpful to perform a few trouble shooting exercises prior to placing your call to Support.

Ask yourself:

·       Is your entire system down and nothing is working?

·       Do you have access to the internet?

·       Is there a specific menu function that is not working?

·       Is an individual workstation not functioning?

Know what screen you are in and what screen you were in immediately prior to the error occurring.

Copy down any error messages received exactly as displayed

Take a screen shot of the screen should it be over complex to explain or summarize (instructions below)

Creating Screen Shots:

One of the best ways to communicate a problem is to show us.
You can print a screen shot of the error message or the data by following these simple steps:

1.     While on the software screen or message, hit the "print screen" button on the top row, towards the right of your keyboard. It is typically located above your home/end keys. This will take a "snapshot" of the screen your cursor is presently on.

2.     Minimize the application software and open an application such as MS Word or Notepad or Paint.

3.     On a blank page, hit the right key on your mouse and select "paste". This will paste the screenshot image onto the page. You may resize the screen for proper viewing.

This page can now be printed, faxed or emailed to us. You can also save the document for future use, if necessary.

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