Trouble viewing Excel Documents from the Software

Pear Tree
2016-11-10 15:47

Trouble viewing Excel Documents from the Software


Use the following instructions on any workstation that does display the Excel output from the system:

1)   First make sure that a pop-up blocker is not the true cause of the problem. If you press and hold the control key before you select click on the “To Excel” button, and the preview DOES display, then you are dealing with a pop-up blocker issue. Call support and they will instruct you on what steps to take next.

2)   If it’s not a popup blocker problem, then what we now need to do is try to export a report to Excel. Pick any report in the dealership system that you would like, e.g. Unit Inventory, and click the “To Excel” button. The system may beep but a report will probably not display on this workstation. 

3)   Minimize your current Internet Explorer window and launch another copy of Internet Explorer. In the address bar, we want to start entering the URL for the folder where the report images are stored. In your case, start typing in http://tina/HarvestWebService ... as soon as you have entered enough characters for IE to search it’s history, a list of previous address entries will appear. You need to select one of the entries whose filename ends in xls. You should have at least one from the previous step, but if not let me know.

4)   The file will be loaded into Internet Explorer and the message window will be displayed. Remove the checkbox near the bottom left that asks whether to always prompt for that file type. I cannot recall the exact details of the message but you will recognize the message that I am referring to. 

5)   Close that Internet Explorer session and return to the one that we minimized in step 3. You should now be able to preview Excel reports from the system.


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