Email a Peartree Report

Pear Tree
2017-08-23 15:36

From the preview of the report on your screen, check whether you have the Adobe toolbar, which looks like this (it should be near the top of the page):


If you don’t see the toolbar, hover your mouse near the bottom of the page.  You should see this toolbar:


Click on the  image003.png    symbol.  Now you should see the Adobe toolbar.

On the Adobe toolbar, click on the  image004.png   symbol.

You should now see the following pop-up:


Unless the report is very large, send it as a copy not a link.  Some email filters block emails containing links.

Next, you should see the following pop-up:


Answer this question according to what kind of email program you use.  If you select Microsoft Outlook, you will see a new email with the pdf attached, waiting for you to fill in the To, Subject and body.


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