Reverse a customer payment

Pear Tree
2017-08-23 15:38

To reverse a customer payment:

1.     Go to Finance, Receivables, Update, Payment.

2.     Enter or select the customer

3.     Enter the original date of the payment you want to reverse

4.     Select the original payment method of the payment you want to reverse



Find the invoice number that the original payment was applied to.  The inquiry: Finance, Receivables, Inquiry, AR payments can help you find it.  If the invoice you want isn’t showing on the screen (or if no invoices show on the screen), click on the Invoice No. column heading to get a list of invoices.  Click on the one you want.

6.     On the relevant invoice line, enter a negative payment amount (assuming that the original payment was a positive amount – if not, enter a negative amount).

7.     Submit.

If you re-run the Payment Report for the original date, click the checkbox “Include AR Payments” on.  Run Post Transactions (you don’t need to do the Daily Update for payments reversed through the Receivables menu) to see the change on the Bank Deposits screen.



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